Here I collect various writings that I created prior to starting my blog, along with any longer writings that I might create in the future:

  • Setting Up Shop: The Business of Open-Source Software (also available in an abridged version). Probably the most well-known of my writings (not that that's saying much!), this was a reworking of my internal Netscape proposal to release Netscape source code, corrected to reflect the realities of open source licensing and extended with some thoughts on the business models proposed in OSI's Open Source: The Case for Business page.
  • Open Source Licensing and Beyond. Anyone who's ever been involved in open source has probably written something on open source licensing, and I'm no exception. This is a presentation I created for a workshop at the University of Michigan that I attended while at CollabNet. (I also created a training course on this topic while at CollabNet, but unfortunately that's not a public document.)
  • The Mozilla Experience. Another presentation I created for the University of Michigan workshop, this time summarizing my thoughts on the Mozilla project circa 2001 (i.e., well before Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation).