Switching to a new blog

I'm moving my personal blog to http://blog.hecker.org/; this is the last post in the Mozilla category of this blog (http://hecker.org/mozilla/). My future Mozilla-related blog posts will be published at http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/. If you use a feed reader (which I recommend) please subscribe to http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/feed/ instead of the previous feed URL (http://hecker.org/mozilla/index.atom).

I'll keep the old blog online for the foreseeable future, so that old posts will still be available; over time I hope to migrate that old content to the new blog and set redirects from the old URLs. However I cannot guarantee that I'll keep old content available forever or that old links will always work.


Dirk Riehle wrote at 2008-03-08 13:58:

Good decision; I did the same beginning of year after 10 years of blogging with static HTML. It looks like you switched to Wordpress and converted all your old posts? I left my old posts standing as HTML---too much work to convert them.

Frank Hecker wrote at 2008-03-08 14:35:

I did switch to WordPress, but I didn't convert all the old posts, just some recent ones. I thought about writing a converter script to generate a WordPress-compatible import format, but it seemed like too much work. I convert posts by hand occasionally as I have the time and desire.

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