Mozilla Foundation activities, week ending 2007/09/28

This is my report on activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending September 28. I spent a lot of the week preparing for an upcoming board meeting and working on other internal projects; some of these will be announced in due time.

Projects for the week

Here's a summary of what Foundation-related activities went on last week; for more information about others' activities please see the weekly status reports published by David Boswell, Gerv Markham, and Zak Greant.

  • Legal/IP issues

  • Grants and related activities

    • I'm working on a proposal for the board for a set of activities to be funded for the remainder of 2007.
  • Web sites

  • Other

    • I started working with Gerv to start transitioning CA-related tasks back to me. Gerv also worked on tasks related to localization, internationalized domain names, and so on.

Upcoming activities

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