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Yuri's Night and space advocacy déjà vu

Recently I read a post on Chris Messina's blog about the Yuri's Night event at NASA Ames Research Center. It sounds like it was an interesting event ("Burning Man Meets NASA", as Daniel Terdiman of CNET referred to it), and this is one of those times I regret not being a twenty-something living in Silicon Valley. (I could have watched the webcast, but got distracted by other stuff.) Although I can't comment on the event itself (I'll leave that to others), I can provide a little historical perspective. ...

Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out

On my old web site (in the pre-blog days) I had a page with brief reviews of various books and music. Now that my blog is up and (sort of) working I've decided to revive that practice. For my first entry I've chosen Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out. ...

My new weblog

After a long period of neglecting my personal web site, I've decided to start my own weblog, with the goal of making it easier for me to publish new material and therefore (I hope) more likely that I'll actually write more.

My plan is to write about things that interest me, on the theory that they might interest at least a few other people. As part of that I'll occasionally discuss the volunteer work I've been doing for the Mozilla project.

While this site has been up and running for several weeks, today marks what I consider to be its official launch. The site design is frozen, at least for now, and I now have all the site features in place that I wanted to have, at least for an initial attempt. The major missing piece is a comments system; I've delayed doing this until or unless I can put some reasonable measures in place against comment spam.

After this date I won't introduce changes to the site without careful testing, in an effort not to break things. I also won't arbitrarily change the dates on entries, in order to avoid problems with news aggregators.