I live in the Baltimore/Washington area and work for the government sales group of IronKey. For more about me and what I'm doing, see the “Personal” section of this site and my blog.

Entries for February 2008

Switching to a new blog

I'm moving my personal blog to http://blog.hecker.org/; this is the last post in the Mozilla category of this blog (http://hecker.org/mozilla/). My future Mozilla-related blog posts will be published at http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/. If you use a feed reader (which I recommend) please subscribe to http://blog.hecker.org/category/mozilla/feed/ instead of the previous feed URL (http://hecker.org/mozilla/index.atom).

I'll keep the old blog online for the foreseeable future, so that old posts will still be available; over time I hope to migrate that old content to the new blog and set redirects from the old URLs. However I cannot guarantee that I'll keep old content available forever or that old links will always work.

Mozilla Foundation activities, week ending 2008/02/01

This is my report on activities related to the Mozilla Foundation for the week ending February 1, 2008. ...