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Entries for September 2005

Feedback is now welcome

After much struggle I've finally managed to get my blog to support comments and TrackBacks. (This is what I get for using "roll your own" blogging software). I'll blog some more later about how I did this, for any Blosxom users who happen to be interested; in the meantime please report any problems to me, either as comments on this post (if you're able to) or via email.

UPDATE: I now have a blog post describing the new Blosxom plugin I wrote to support comments and TrackBacks.

Asymmetric competition

In previous posts I've discussed the theory of disruptive innovation (sometimes referred to as disruptive technology) created by Clayton Christensen and his associates, whether Firefox is a disruptive innovation in the sense Christensen uses, and the value network for Firefox. In this post I discuss potential "asymmetric competition" between the Mozilla project and Microsoft; much of my discussion is in the context of Firefox and IE, but my comments are meant to encompass the project as a whole. ...