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Entries for June 2005

The Firefox value network

In previous posts I discussed the basics of Clayton Christensen's disruptive innovation theory and considered whether Firefox is a disruptive innovation. In this post I try to describe the "value network" for Firefox, using Christensen's definition: "[a firm's] upstream suppliers; its downstream customers, retailers, and distributors; and its partners and ancillary industry players" (Seeing What's Next, p. 63). I also discuss how the Firefox value network overlaps (or not) with the value networks of Microsoft and others. ...

Firefox and innovation

In a previous post I discussed Clayton Christensen's "disruptive innovation" theory (as popularized in The Innovator's Dilemma and other books) and how it applied to the rise and fall of Netscape. In this post I turn to more recent events, and attempt to answer at least some of the five questions with which I ended previously:

  • Is Firefox more of a sustaining innovation or a disruptive innovation?

  • In what sense is the Mozilla project pursuing (or could pursue) disruptive strategies, whether based on low cost or competing against nonconsumption?

  • What might "competing against nonconsumption" entail in the context of Firefox and the Mozilla project?

  • What is the value network for Firefox and the Mozilla project, and how does it overlap with the value network for IE and Microsoft?

  • Are the Mozilla project and Firefox potentially vulnerable to a co-optation strategy by Microsoft, as Netscape was? ...